We’re nerds – we love things, and get excited about them. We’re sci-fi nerds (proud Whovians, trekkies, and various others), fantasy nerds (ravenclaws and again, various others), science nerds, and of course – book nerds.


It may only be a small word, but they are important too – with books and with eachother, it binds us together and right here, it represents our friendship.


You can’t have too many books – just to few bookshelves!

We love books. We love looking at books, we love holding books, and we love talking about books.

We used to be neighbours, and when we were, books would de-tour from the bookshop or our own bookshelves, onto the other’s couch – before reading, to share the excitement, and afterwards, to give a recommendation.  These days, we live on opposite sides of the country – so we started Nerds with Books as a way to keep talking about books.

Happy reading!