Children of Time – Adrian Tchaikovsky

In a distant future, humanity has left a dying Earth and looks for a new home on planets terraformed by humans of a different society millenia ago. What are these humans, desperate and homeless, when it comes down to it? How will Earth’s other children react to them? And these other children, who are they? What is the legacy of Earth and humankind?

The storyline covers thousands of years and developments I definitely didn’t see coming. This is sci-fi at its best – it makes you think about the big questions. Not ”why are we here?” or ”what happens after we die?” but ”what are humans?”, ”what is good?”, ”should we exist?” and ”how can we be better?”.

I like how it really points at some of humankinds problems. And I like how it solves them – while we haven’t. Still, humans aren’t the only ones with problems.

Recommended? Hell yeah.

Reminded me of: To some extent, Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card) – similar Big Questions

WARNING: Slight spoiler alert ahead:

P.S. Another question: When it comes right down to it, who will you, the reader, root for? (such a human thing to do and ask… if you’re rooting for both, perhaps there’s hope for humanity after all. If only we would act on it as well). D.S.

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