Rebel of the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton

Amani is going to escape her dead-end desert town with her suffocating family and planned-out future. She has a plan of her own. Things do not go according to plan. Instead, a stranger hunted by the Sultan’s army appears, and she finds herself running from more than her uncle. Even so, all is not what it appears…

I loved this story. There’s adventure, magic and love, but still room for finding yourself, anger at a patriarchal society’s treatment of women, and rebellion  – what’s not to love?  The narrative drags you in, makes you love the desert and its strange magic as if you were born there, makes you run and ride and shoot with our protagonist.

Recommended? Yes!

Reminded me of: The Hunger Games (certain simliarities between our heroines – including not knowing what’s going on) paired with… maybe Odin’s child (Odinsbarn for Scandinavian readers), Siri Pettersen? For the magic.

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