The Hanging Tree – Ben Aaronovitch

Fifth book in the series, and we see more of the Faceless Man than ever before…

In case you’re not familiar with the series, this is a Peter Grant novel, genre: Magical Crime. Peter Grant is a young police officer who works for the branch of the London police responsible for dealing with magic and various supernatural beings. Because obviously, there would be such a branch. However, it is not a very big branch, more of a twig really, which among other things means protocols aren’t so much followed as improvised as they become necessary. The books are filled with dry, cynical humour, plenty of magic and mystery as well as your typical story of a criminal investigation.

This is not my personal favourite witihin the series – less interesting mythical/magical/mysterious beings and nature stuff than certain other volumes, and since I love those kinds of things, this one doesn’t quite reach the top. That being said, it is a really good book and well worth a read – and there’s plenty of action to make up for this lack of catering to my personal interests. But then, since it’s part of a series, you’ve either read the others and know how you liked them, or you haven’t read the others in which case, you should pick up a copy of book 1 in the series – Rivers of London – and read that.

Recommended? Yes. This series is a recent favourite of mine and I heartily recommend it.

Reminded me of: Uh, don’t know. I don’t read a lot of regular crime novels so have nothing to compare with there, and as for the rest, I guess I’m drawing a blank. Feel free to add to this in the comments.

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