Within the Sanctuary of Wings – Marie Brennan

The fifth and (sadly) final volume of Lady Trent’s memoirs, bringing the story of her famous expeditions, though not her life or scientific endevours, to a finish with an account of her expedition to the Mrtyahaima Mountains.

Brennan, as excellent as always, ties together threads I did not even realize needed tying together, threads I had thought already neatly woven into the fabric, and manages not only to not disappoint even after the brilliant volume four, but to exceed expectations. See, after volume four I figured this last volume would be a good ending – I’d expect nothing less from this author – but I didn’t think it was possible to top the adventures and scientific discoveries of the last volume. I was wrong. And that is all I will say for fear of spoiling it. I may have already said to much.

Seriously though, I love both this book and the entire series – I love the adventure, I love the romance (there is some, but it’s not a focus), I love the dry humour, I love the scandalous disregard for society’s rules, and perhaps most of all, I love how it is, at the heart of it, about the love of Science.

Recommended? Well duh. Just read it (but read volumes I-IV first).

Reminded me of: Oh, nothing would do it justice.

Favourite quote: ”Although my memoirs are of course the story of my life and career, they are also the story of discovery: of curiosity, and investigation, and learning, not only regarding dragons but many other topics. I take comfort in knowing that others will carry this tale forwards /…/ ”

Spoiler alert – read on only once you’ve finished the book

”/…/ And so I leave it in your hands, gentle reader. Mind you carry it well.”

Not so much a spoiler as a perfect ending to the series, and I didn’t feel I had the right to make anyone read it elsewhere first. May it inspire many future, and current, scientists.

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