Good Omens – Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

The End is coming. In the war between good and evil which has been raging since the beginning of time (about 6000 years or so), it is time for the final battle – as predicted in The Nice and Accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, a completely reliable but quite incomprehensible book. The demon Crowley would rather prefer not to be involved, but has been tasked with delivering the Antichrist, whom he promptly misplaces but not quite so promptly realises has been misplaced. In the meantime, he teams up with his angel friend Aziraphale to see if maybe they can prevent Armageddon – the Earth is quite nice, after all…

Style wise, I think this is pretty much exactly what you’d expect to get by mixing Pratchett and Gaiman. In other worlds it is both some accurate satire of our world, some roving storylines, some nuggets of gold in the form of characters that stay with you forever, rather absurd, and very funny. I quite like it.

In particular, I appreciate the friendship between a demon and an angel and their discussions on good and evil, the portrayal of Death, who is everywhere and never left, and various small puns and other nuggets which you’ll have to discover for yourselves.

Recommended? Yes.

Reminds me of: Other works by the two authors spring to mind, of course (and personally, this one is among my favourites among their work – up there with The Amazing Maurice and Neverwhere, respectively). But for something outside their work… for a somewhat similar british humour, you could go for ”Rivers of London” (Peter Grant series #1, Ben Aaronovitch). Otherwise something by Douglas Adams.

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