The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

My read for this year’s ”All Hallows Read”, where you read (or give away) a scary book for Halloween.

The story begins with everyone but the youngest kid in a family being murdered. This child makes his way to a nearby graveyard and is adopted by the ghosts who live there. They name him Nobody Owens, and the book follows his life growing up surrounded by dead people.

It is a surprisingly heartwarming and sometimes funny book about growing up. It was

definitely written for kids, and while some things were clearly foreshadowed and nothing came as a big surprise I found it to be a nice reading experience.

I also like that his guardian at the graveyard, Silas, (as opposed to his ghostly adopted parents, the Owenses) is properly mysterious. We never find out just what kind of creature he is, although we know that he is not dead. I do however have some strong suspicions as to what he is.

All in all a nice, quick read.

Recommended: Yes!

Reminds me of: Other Neil Gaiman books. He does have a specific writing style. Although more Caroline than Sandman, definitely.

Favorite quote: I have to pick the iconic first line from the book: ”There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife.”

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    Artist P. Craig Russell , along with Galen Showman, Kevin Nowlan , Jill Thompson , David Lafuente , Stephen Scott, Scott Hampton and Tony Harris , has adapted the book into a two-volume graphic novel. The first volume was released on 29 July 2014, followed by the second on 7 October.


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