The Summer Dragon – Todd Lockwood

The Summer Dragon is the first book of a trilogy, and the author’s first book. The second book in the series is, sadly, not out yet.

The main character is Maia, the “Broodmaster’s” daughter. Her family has raised dragons for generations for the army. Maia’s biggest wish is to finally receive a qit (baby dragon) of her own to bond with and to continue her family tradition of breeding dragons.

Her world gets turned into turmoil after the “Summer Dragon”, an omen of chang

e, shows itself to her. Different factions in the country wants to twist her story and its meaning to suit their own needs, and  Maia is caught in the middle.

The story has good pacing and a good plot. I like the main character a lot, she’s well rounded and compelling and she’s not afraid to take action. The world is plausible and well thought out. And the dragons are magnificent. Lockwood has created a new and unique mythos for his world.

All in all a great read.


Recommended: Yes!

Reminds me of: Marie Brennan’s “A Memoir by Lady Trent” books, and very slightly of Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon” series.

Fun Fact: Todd Lockwood made the art, including the cover, and maps in the book himself. He also made the art for Marie Brennan’s “Lady Trent” series that Frida has previously reviewed.

Checks of: ”A book with a female main character”

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