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Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton, 1990

I’m assuming the premise for Jurassic Park is fairly well known. A private company has figured out how to clone dinosaurs and decided to make a profit by opening a theme park on a small privately owned island. In the … Läs mer

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Mind Games – Teri Terry

Don’t let the shiny cover fool you. Mind Games is a book that has very thought-provoking themes hidden in a YA-plot. I picked it up to have something light and easy to read when I didn’t really have time to … Läs mer

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Children of Time – Adrian Tchaikovsky

In a distant future, humanity has left a dying Earth and looks for a new home on planets terraformed by humans of a different society millenia ago. What are these humans, desperate and homeless, when it comes down to it? … Läs mer

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The Mote in Gods Eye – Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, 1975

In the future mankind has spread out through the stars to live on many different planets. When the book starts, humans have lost a lot of the knowledge that was used to colonize and terraform planets. They can however still … Läs mer

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