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Reading Challange 2018

So I thought it would be fun to do a reading challenge! It is heavily influenced by other reading challenges found online, but I did put it together myself. Also, I’m a bit late, but at least it’s still January! … Läs mer

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More Booksies!

At long last I have updated on those three books I said I was behind on the last time I bought books – so now it’s time for some more new books on my shelves (metaphorically speaking – I haven’t … Läs mer

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So I’m like 3 books behind when it comes to updating here, but I’m so excited about FINALLY getting to read a couple of these (it’ll be good to see you again, PC Grant and Lady Trent), I had to … Läs mer

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Ny sida!

Hemsidan är helt ny, så ha lite tålamod! Det kommer snart upp inlägg och info.

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